Member’s Stories


When I started gambling, I never thought that it could get serious and land me in serious problems. You know, everybody is struggling to get money and here was an easy way to give me that extra coin. Every time I had one hundred bucks, I saw the possibility of doubling or maybe tripling. It is easy money, and there were those days I could win when others I went home defeated after losing all I had. After experiencing consecutive losses and almost losing everything under my name to gambling, I took a bold step and looked for help. Luckily I landed on Gamblers Anonymous, and I am reclaiming my lost glory.


It was not until friends, and family members abandoned me that I noted that something was wrong with me. Borrowing became a habit and not to buy food or cater for essential needs, but to gamble. Friends and family members alike talked to me but all in vain. I did not care; after all, it is my life. When my gambling addiction started affecting my immediate circles, they began pulling off one by one. My quick thought was, ‘I will win big, and they will come back begging to be my friends again.’ Luck was not on my side and losing became part of me. I was at the height of desperation, but luckily I joined Gamblers Anonymous. It is now eight months, and I do not gamble anymore, and I cannot thank this family enough.


I started gambling at a tender age, ten years to be exact. Raised by a father who was a gambler, my siblings and I got exposed to the gambling world when we were very young. Dad would play cards and darts with his friends at home. Sometimes we could accompany him to his friend’s place and watch them play, win or lose money. It was a trend, and out of curiosity, I also wanted to know how it feels. In school, there were other like-minded kids, and at break hours, we started gambling. I also started betting on my favorite football team, and before I knew it, I was addicted. After college, I was all on my own, and by luck, I secured a well-paying job. Nine years down the line, I have always been in debt and struggling to settle my basic bills. Not that I have many dependents, it is all in my gambling addiction. My best friend Tony recommended me to join Gamblers Anonymous, and it is now six months. I have no regrets as this is the best moment of my life. I have started clearing debts, and I am focusing on leading a life free of gambling.


After suffering in silence for many years, I finally decided to take charge of my life and quit gambling. I did deep research with the help of my close friends and landed on Gamblers Anonymous. The support I received is unmatched, and I can now comfortably say that I have not gambled for six months, the longest period of the last ten years.