Meeting Calendar

Are you a compulsive gambler? Do you fear your gambling is ruining your life and may likely tear your family apart? Have you lost all you own to gambling and felt the need to borrow more with the hopes of making a win? Have you tried many things on your own hoping to conquer your gambling habit but still find yourself back at it?

Hard as it might be to accept, you have a problem greater than your will and if you will join us at Gamblers Anonymous UK we will love to walk with you to fight this addiction.

We are a set of people, both men and women that have walked a similar path which makes us very familiar with your struggles. We are dedicated towards helping others to recover from their gambling issues. We are in no way affiliated to any agencies or governmental institution and we do not partake or engage in any kind of cause. Our main driving goal is helping to improve the lives of people with dangerous gambling habits.

You are welcomed to join us at Gamblers Anonymous UK .The desire to stop gambling is all that is required of you to become a member of our organisation. You wouldn’t be charged any form of dues or fees because the Gamblers Anonymous UK is self-funded by members. It is an association of people that seek to stop compulsive gambling and also help people that are on the same path.

We understand how hard it is accepting that one’s gambling has gotten out of hands. We are totally familiar with the struggles and lies we tell ourselves while trying hard to silence that voice in our head that tells us we need to seek help. It is a load too much for one person to carry and that is why we offer our shoulders as the much needed support

We are not here to judge or criticise your decisions. We are of the belief that interaction coupled with introducing you to simple ways that can help you make a lifestyle change is of primal importance.

We understand how important being in touch with the right kind of support is, so, we meet every day of the week. You can enquire to see if any of our meeting points is around you. Our meeting atmosphere is that of warmth. We are always excited to meet someone new, so be rest assured that you will be made to feel very welcome if you attend any of our meetings. Our membership is quite diverse with people from both genders and different background. If you have never attended any of our meetings, don’t be nervous, there is always a first time, we all had our first times. Our meeting calendar is as contained below:

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