GA Talks


We are a society of men and women who have come together to pool resources, experiences and strengths for the purpose of overcoming gambling addictions and helping other compulsive gamblers quit gambling.

Do you feel your gambling has got out of hand? Do you have a strong desire to stop gambling? We can help. Membership of Gamblers anonymous UK is voluntary, hassle-free and TOTALLY free. We are not affiliated with any sect, denomination, political organization or institution. We do not set out to prove any points or make any statements; we just want to stop gambling.


When does much become too much? Are you concerned that your favourite hobby is consuming too much time?  Is it a drain on your finances? Are friends and family beginning to complain? Do you want to regain control? Did you try to stop and fail? We can connect you to a host of resources and facilities guaranteed to provide relief:

-Not sure if you have a gambling problem? We have a list of 20 questions that can help you determine if you have a problem. Click here to answer the 20 questions.

-Counseling services are available. If you need to see a professional or talk to someone, we have a 24/7 helpline. Dial the number and get in touch.

-Hear someone else discuss their battle and share their strategies for coping and overcoming gambling addiction. Attend a meeting. Enquiries: 0XXX XXX XXXX.


We are on your side. Everyone you interact with is, like you, a compulsive gambler seeking relief. You will not feel out of place, neither will you be put on the spot. Only a compulsive gambler can understand what you are going through, so you can relax. Your privacy will be protected, and you will be made to feel welcome. YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS.


You may be confused about your situation. Yes, compulsive gambling is an illness, progressive in nature and incurable, but you CAN recover.

In our experience, the sufferer has typically endured severe deterioration in their family, business and social life. Debt, domestic violence and divorce are typical problems. In addition, unemployment or unstable employment history, trouble with the law or resorting to criminality are not uncommon.

Health consequences involve depression, anxiety, other stress related disorders, even suicidal tendencies.

You don’t have to descend this slippery slope.


The GA concept is that the compulsive gambler is a really sick person who can get better by following a simple program (at their own pace and to the best of their own ability) that has proved successful for many other men and women with similar problems.

The best way to access help is to give the client the helpline number to call or to call GA when the client is with you.  GA operates a 24 hour help centre manned by GA members who will offer for a member to arrange to contact them or lead them to the nearest meeting.