At Gamblers Anonymous (GA), we provide materials such as news and information to help people overcome their compulsive gambling habits. Whether you are a gambler trying to quit, or know someone who wants to, you’ll find valuable resources on our site.

Here are some frequently asked questions we encounter.


  • What is compulsive gambling?


The answer to this question may vary among different individuals, but the answer that is most acceptable among GA members is; a progressive illness that may not permanently be cured but can be halted. Every day, recovering member strive to maintain their non-gambling status because ‘sobriety’ is not an end but a continuous effort.

At GA, we believe the compulsive gambler is not morally weak, so we help them climb the 12 Steps of Recovery. The GA belief is that, the compulsive gambler is a sick person whose recovery is possible by following this programme.


  • What is Gamblers Anonymous?


Gamblers Anonymous or GA is a group of men and women who have come together to find a solution to their gambling habits and help other gamblers recover too.


  • Should I be worried about attending a GA meeting?


No. At GA we are always welcoming to new members. We practice an open-door policy where anybody who has been affected by their own gambling, or the habit of another, can share their experience. You’ll be surprised by how better you’ll feel after a single meeting.


  • What happens at a GA meeting?


At a GA meeting, you get to listen to people’s experiences and perhaps share your own. You also find out how to overcome temptations by practical techniques. The 12 Step Process is a key part of recovery and members are taught how to practice it in their everyday life. You also get to meet a sponsor; a sponsor is an experienced recoveree who helps you with your efforts to stay sober. The do so by being there in your time of difficulty and sharing their own success formula.


  • How often do meetings hold?


Meeting occur at the same place and time every week. All you need do is turn up. The only requirement to become a member is the willingness to stop gambling.


  • What is the first thing a compulsive gambler learns in order to quit?


They first learn to accept the fact that compulsive gambling is a progressive sickness. They must also understand why it is important to get better. The GA programme is helpful only to those who have made a personal commitment to quit their gambling habits- not for anything or anyone else, but themselves.


  • Can a compulsive gambler ever gamble ‘casually’ again?


No. The moment they start with a small bet, they can trigger a whole avalanche of stakes. Like a recovering alcoholic who plans to take a small sip of alcohol and ends up drinking a whole bottle; recovering gamblers are no different.


  • Does this mean recovering gamblers can’t participate in a lottery?


Yes, that’s what it means. A line has to be drawn somewhere, and GA members know that the first bet is one to avoid. Even if it is tossing a coin for who rides shotgun.

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