Why Electronic and Internet Gambling are the Most Addictive

Why Electronic and Internet Gambling are the Most Addictive

Staking chances despite the uncertainty of outcomes in an event is the main attribute of gambling. However gambling comes in my forms and types some of which include: Pokies (poker machines or Electronic Gaming/gambling Machines), Betting on the horses, Sports betting, betting, Social, Casino and Lottery games. While gambling, in general, can be very addictive, some studies indicate that certain types of gambling are more addictive than others. An overwhelming percentage of such studies point to Electronic gaming machines and internet games. Different researchers have provided information as to why these types of gambling are more addictive and thus quite dangerous.

Electronic Gambling Machines

Electronic Gambling machines include poker machines, slot machines, and more. Help guide reports that this form of gambling is most likely the most addictive type of gambling. Statistics show that likelihood of a gambler who uses electronic gaming machines to be become addicted is at least three times that of a gambler who plays blackjack and other casino games or sports betting. It is estimated that the electronic machine gambler will get addicted in about 1.08 years, while the casino gambler and sport better will get addicted in about 3.58 years.

These types of gambling have been referred to as the ‘crack-cocaine’ of gambling by the Illinois Institute for Addiction recovery because of how addictive it can be. The institute reports that gamblers that use electronic gambling machines tend to progress to dangerous phases of gambling addiction much quicker.

Internet gambling

Internet gambling, though not as commonly practised as other types of gambling, is also very addictive, possibly because of the secrecy it provides the gambler or the ease of access and operations. Help guide reports that though a significantly less population of gambling addicts that sought help at a health clinic (31 out of 389), practiced internet gambling, they were all compulsive gamblers.

Some of the reasons why these types of gambling are addictive include;

  • In NEW REPUBLIC MAGAZINE’S interview of Natasha Dow Schull, author of ‘Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas’, Schull noted reasons why slot machines are addictive, she argues that playing on a slot machine is rapid, solitary continuous this means that because a person can use a slot machine without any interruptions, it is easy to get lost in the game and keep gambling-away. The player’s focus is not deterred; it is easier to continue playing for a long time.
  • Internet gambling doesn’t allow for any restraints because it can go unnoticed. Thus a gambler can stay at it for days at a time and no one will notice as opposed to a casino where a family member or even casino stuff can intervene.
  • With internet gambling, it is very hard to resist gambling because any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet connection serves as temptation. Whereas it would be easier to deny yourself access to a casino or hard cash, internet gambling makes avoiding temptation very difficult.
  • Another reason why internet gambling is addictive is that it is very easy for one to access their bank account and keep betting till they lose all the money they have, rather than at a casino where they use hard cash which may cause the player to practice self-control.


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