Steps to Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Steps to Overcoming Gambling Addiction

What is a Gambling Addiction?

According to gambling addiction may also be known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling or gambling disorder. A person suffering from a gambling addiction will not be able to control the impulse to gamble whenever it comes. This can lead to a lot of consequences such as financial debt, loss of concentration, deterioration in personal relationships, poor time management and many others.

Several organisations have carried out their research on the issue of gambling addiction in Great Britain. In accordance to the survey done by Gambling Commission, there was a total gross gambling yield (GGY) of £13.6bn between April 2015 and March 2016. That goes to show the large sum of money that is spent each year by several individuals on gambling.

  • What to do about Your Addiction?

By this point, you should be able to determine whether or not you have a gambling addiction. The steps listed below will provide you with guidance on how to overcome your gambling addiction.

  • Be Determined to Overcome the Habit.

To break the habit of gambling, you need to admit to yourself that you need help and be ready to take the necessary steps in putting an end to the habit once and for all. This means that you must understand that it won’t be easy but it is necessary to achieve the desired result.

  • Discover Another Medium for Relieving Tension and Stress.

For many individuals, gambling started as a result of stress, boredom or seeking out fun activities. It could have been as a result of a night out with friends or after a hard day of work. However, a simple game of poker or taking a bet could lead to a lifetime of gambling addiction.

  • Avoid the Temptation.

Do not tempt yourself more than you can handle. It is best to avoid any situation which may cause you to relapse after abstaining from gambling activity for a long period of time. The longer you stay away from the act, the more you crave it. Therefore, do not put yourself in such a situation where you find yourself doing exactly what you are trying to avoid.

  • Find a Support Group and Attend Meetings Regularly.

There are a number of support groups one can join to overcome their addiction and being among others with a similar problem can help you feel like you’re not alone in your situation. This makes the process of recovery faster because you can share your challenges with those who may be going through something similar. These groups may be accessed online or through their centres throughout the country.

In addition to the steps listed above, do not forget to seek moral support and encouragement from friends and family to help you get through the process. Make an effort to mend any relationship that may have been affected by your gambling addiction and to avoid a relapse.

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