Major Obstacles On The Gambling Addiction Recovery Journey

Major Obstacles On The Gambling Addiction Recovery Journey

Recovering from problem gambling is a challenge to many people. It takes time commitment and resources as well.  The time one takes to recover fully depends on the personality, gambling phase, and the approach. The following are the major obstacles during the recovery journey.

  • Relapse

Many people go back to their old habits after one year. Most feel the urge to go back to gambling due to boredom, and they simply cannot resist. Relapse is not an event but a process. An individual goes through emotional, mental and physical relapses. The addict usually has an emotional connection with the gambling fraternity. The mind is also conditioned to revolve around gambling activities. The physical lapse is when an individual decides to visit the casino or gambling site. The last step is hard to stop, and one should take preventive measures early enough.

  • Wrong Company

One may be in the dire need to recover from gambling completely but have bad company. Family members or close friends who gamble can influence you to go back to old habits. Sometimes you have to take the bold step and cut links with such friends. Figure out the friends that add value to your life and those that might make your life miserable.

  • Lack of Consistency

If you gamble because you have extra hours at your disposal, then you have to find an activity to compensate the free time. Dropping an old habit and adopting a new one maybe hard but it is worth trying. Attend all the therapy lessons and support group sessions to reap all the benefits. Pick an alternative activity that you can easily stick to and enjoy.

  • Lack of Motivation

You need to set goals that you want to achieve within a given period. How do you intend to spend your money? Maybe buying a house or a car will motivate you to quit gambling. You must first accept that gambling is a bad habit which you have to drop. Help will come your way only after you accept your current situation. Interact with people who have dropped gambling habit and now lead normal lives. You will get firsthand information which will crucial in your recovery journey.

  • Lack of Support

Support from friends and an immediate family member is vital during the recovery process. You require someone who can show compassion and love when you are at your lowest. Sometimes one may suffer from withdrawal symptoms just like in drug and substance abuse. You need someone who can assure you that it will be alright even in the darkest hour.

  • Frequent Access to Casinos and Gambling Sites

If you bet in casinos, avoid visiting them at any cost. There are high chances that a friend will win and tempt you to try your luck. If all goes well, you will be back to gambling. Avoid visiting betting sites because they may also have tempting offers that are likely to entice you.

Understanding the above challenges is crucial in the recovery journey. One needs resilience, hard work and commitment to overcome gambling urge.


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