6 Practical Steps To Recover Fully From Gambling Addiction

Ask most problem gamblers how they started out and they will say they did it for fun. It slowly develops into a habit, and before you realize, it is deep in your blood. Research shows that more than 73% of people in the UK participate in gambling. Some of the most common forms of gambling include scratch cards, poker, betting in sports, casinos and virtual games. The following are practical ways to recover from gambling.

1)    Accept Your Current Situation

You must accept that you have a problem that needs a quick fix. Do not wait until you are in the late cycle to seek help. Some people live in denial and view their gambling habits just as a normal routine in life. When a day cannot end without visiting the local casino or an online gambling site, just know that you are heading in a dangerous direction.

2)    Find an Alternative Activity

Most people gamble because they have a lot of free time at their disposal. Maybe you have three hours every day which tempts you to visit a betting site. What if you use the three hours learning how to play the guitar or the bass? You will always be occupied and thus will not have time to gamble. Follow your passion as long as it adds value to your life. Attend that music class you always dream of and enjoy the rhythm.

3)    Seek Professional Help

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, abbreviated as CBT, is the standard treatment that therapists administer to gambling addicts. The therapist works on a one-on-one basis with the addict in a bid to try and change the thoughts and habits of the gambler. This training helps the addict to learn how to develop cognitive tools and skills that help them to resist the urge of gambling. The therapist also helps the gambler from suffering from lapses that occur to most addicts.

4)    Join a Support Group

Sharing with others who have gone through the same ordeal is ideal. Support groups sometimes invite professional counselors who provide critical advice to the addicts. You are also likely to find a fully recovered gambling addict who can share applicable tips from a real-life situation.

5)    Hangout with the Right People

Friends and family members can be the biggest impediment towards your recovery. You have to make a bold decision and reduce the number of hours you spend with such people if they are constantly gambling.

6)    Commit

One needs to make a bold decision and commit to it to recover from gambling addiction. It takes commitment and dedication to recover fully.  Be consistent if you decide to hit the gym during your free time. Make sure you attend all the sessions with your therapists to get all the benefits. Do not miss any session of your support group and also contribute.

The most common problems related to gambling include loss of money and psychological torture. The effects will differ from one individual to other depending on the level of addiction. Support from your loved ones is also very crucial in the recovery process.

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