Why Do People Gamble?

Why Do People Gamble?

The most common question that gamblers are faced with every time is: Why do you gamble? You may know someone that gambles and you keeping wondering and asking yourself why they gamble and why they have to make their loved ones suffer such turmoil. Your simple reasoning is, if gambling is causing so many problems, then why can’t you just stop and make everyone happier. You might be thinking about those who are able to gamble within their limit and avoid such problems and then you assume that your gambling is a sign of weakness or incapacity to cope.

The truth of this matter, however, is not so simple. The problem of Gambling often occurs entirely out of the person’s control and they feel like stopping is not an option.

Consequently, a lot of people are still unable to explain their gambling addiction despite the fact that it continues to wreak havoc on their daily lives. The most apparent answer is to make more but if you could confront yourself and ask yourself; when you eventually win the money, do you spend it on more gambling? And do you keep on gambling until you are left with little to no money?

Gamblers always have a reason for their action. Some of them do it just a feel a bit of buzz that they can get from knowing the outcome of their gamble and other times they gamble because they see their friends doing it and would like to have that feeling of belonging. According to Samantha Gluck, a mental health journalist, people gamble to be social, escape everyday life, to feel the excitement of taking a risk and to live the stylish life portrayed in gambling commercials.

Research has shown that about 80% of young adults at one time in their lives and about one quarter gamble weekly. Of young adults, age 12 to 15 about 2% of them become addicted to gambling and when they do, it becomes very harmful. Looking at it,  2% might actually look smaller than you imagine; one of our every fifty friends on your social media might having a gambling problem.

A lot of people gamble because it provides them with an avenue to avoid the other problems in their lives or simply because they want to avoid boredom and gain some buzz in the process. Others seem to enjoy the challenge or competition that gambling brings and some people just do it for fun. The setback is, gambling can in no time become addictive and as with addictions, it can quickly become a problem that will involve spending a large amount of money and sometimes make you fall ill.

A lot of people believe that their chances of raking in huge winnings increase each time they gamble but most casinos and lotteries would have been out of business within a few months if things worked that way. Most gamblers believe in a system or strategy that will help them win big in the near future. But gambling is not a science; it is completely down to chance. Luck does not win you games either; you might win this very game and lose the next.


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