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Who Are We?

Gamblers Anonymous is a group of men and women with a common objective to help each other stop their gambling habits and help other compulsive gamblers stop too.

This site provides news and information for people learn more about the dangerous effects of gambling, and offers resources to help them to quit. We also provide access to professionals and meeting places in your area where you can connect with other recovering individuals.

GA is not an advocate against gambling. We neither endorse nor oppose causes around the habit. We don’t lend our name to other agencies for publicity. The sole aim of GA is to bear the message to the compulsive gambler who is still struggling to overcome the problem, wherever they are.

GA is self-supporting and accepts no donations, financial gifts or contributions from external governments agencies or similar institutions.

Our website seeks to provide answers to the numerous questions about compulsive gambling. They include the 12 Step Recovery Process, and meeting locations. However, it is the decision of a compulsive gambler to quit on their own. Only the individual can decide if he or she wants help.

If you have problems controlling your compulsive gambling lifestyle, we are here to assist. Our helplines are open 24-hours every day. Our meetings hold every week ; please refer to our calendar to find out details.

The website, meetings, helplines regarding help with GA activities are run by GA members. Only former compulsive gamblers can really understand the mindset of a compulsive gambler. Behaviours such as the urge, the triggers, the pain, self-doubt, effect on loved ones and so on, can be hard to bear alone.

With our knowledge and experience about the dangers of this sickness, we offer assistance to any compulsive gambler who has made a personal resolve to quit.

What is compulsive gambling?

Many people have different definitions of compulsive gambling. But the most acceptable one among GA members is that, compulsive gambling is a progressive sickness that isn’t entirely curable but can be stopped in its tracks.

The wrong notion out there is that compulsive gamblers are ‘weak’ or morally deficient. The truth is it could happen to anyone. Although it may be difficult at first, quitting is possible as many members at GA have proven.

With the 12 Step programme, a compulsive gambler can break the shackles of the habit and start life afresh, devoid of gambling.  

How can we help?

The concept of the compulsive gambler is that they are very ill but with their own conviction and resolve, they can rise above their addiction with our support. Our website helps provide information and access to GA centres in various locations.

With the 24-hr helpline, compulsive gamblers can receive support by way of connection with a ‘sponsor’ near them.

We also give the latest updates on meeting locations so gamblers in those areas can meet others. Our site publishes stories and experiences to help the people struggling with compulsive gambling quit.

Even family members are not left out. We know how devastatingly the gambling habit of a loved one can affect people around them. Our Gam-Anon programme exists to help them cope, whether their loved one is willing to quit or not.

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